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Jordan Rabinowe, through decades of entrepreneurial business ventures, has relied on many of his talents for his successes. One commonality stands out in particular - his passion and commitment to his clients, always keeping their best interests a priority.

Long before his decision to go into Real Estate as a career, he was a homeowner and landlord, in addition to being a trusted consultant on purchases and sales for out of state investors. The natural progression to becoming a broker was inevitable, first learning the ways of large scale brokerages, then moving into a boutique firm at Pointe 3 Real Estate in Fremont, where the high level of service matched his desire to give his clients the best possible experience.

Graduating with a BS degree from UW in '98 and living his entire adult life in the NW, Seattle is home. Friends, family, and clients all attest to the warmth and genuine welcoming attitude of Jordan's personality and lifestyle. Jordan prides himself on punctuality and attention to details, and it's clear from the moment you’re in his presence of his astute confidence and reliability. Outside of real estate, you can find him tending to his garden in Ballard, planning international travel and continuing the introduction and sale of Proletariat Wines (original founder, launched in 2011), socializing with friends, catching live music shows, and being with the ones he loves.

Jordan is a buyer and seller broker with emphasis in North Seattle. He’s investment minded, future planning, and 100% committed to surpassing expectations of his clients - Jordan is a sure bet for all of your real estate needs! 

"Thanks in advance for your trust. I'm confident we'll find you the perfect property!"

Jordan Rabinowe